Front-mounted roller shutter with half-round aluminium box – Formado

Round front-mounted roller shutter with half-round aluminium box – Formado

Roller shutter systems offer you versatile design options to suit any house façade. It’s up to you whether these should be integrated into the architecture of your home as harmoniously as possible or draw attention as an eye-catcher. The same applies to our Formado line of closed aluminium boxes.

In this case, the front-mounted roller shutters feature a round design for a softer appearance compared to an angular shape. The system is suitable for both installation on the brickwork or in deep window recesses. The specific features, colour and operating mode of the roller shutters safely stowed inside can be configured according to your individual wishes.

The box is roll-formed or extruded, depending on the version selected. Thanks to the use of the highest-quality materials and production that takes place entirely in Germany, we guarantee premium workmanship and long-lasting quality. Not even adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures can damage the front-mounted roller shutter.

The simple façade installation means the model can also be retrofitted to a property at any time. There is no need for a conventional roller shutter box, through which room heat could escape to the outside. The insulation of the walls thus remains intact and neither dust nor insects can get into indoor spaces.

What are the advantages of the Formado front-mounted roller shutter?

The box requires very little space. It is just big enough to wind up and securely store the aluminium slats of the roller shutters. The slats are also optimally protected inside against dirt. Additional burglary protection can also be fitted as an option. Furthermore, all maintenance of the roller shutter system is performed from the outside.

How is the round front-mounted roller shutter installed?

The half-round aluminium box can be installed directly in the window recess. Depending on how deep this is, the front-mounted roller shutter fits flush with your house façade. Alternatively, there is also the option of placing it directly on the masonry above the window. The box elements then protrude slightly and serve as a visual accent.

What colour and shape variants are available?

The diameter and length of the roller shutter boxes are determined by the respective size of the window and the selected slat thickness. In addition, a variety of paint colours are available if you don’t want to keep the metallic look of the blinds. The rails for the roller shutters as well as the shutters themselves can also be matched in colour for a perfect overall appearance.

What optional extras are available?

In addition to a front round cover, you can opt for a pre-installed 2-in-1 insect screen, which is operated completely independently of the roller shutters and keeps annoying visitors out of your living spaces and bedrooms. To protect ground-floor patio doors against burglary, rigid shaft connectors that prevent the slats from simply being pushed up are a logical choice.

With which drive systems can the half-round front-mounted roller shutters be combined?

The Formado product range is mainly operated via a quiet motor, which you control by means of a built-in switch or also wirelessly. They can also be conveniently integrated into your smart home system. A crank or a standard belt mechanism are, of course, also options for operating the slats.