Roller shutters, Venetian blinds, fabric screens and garage doors made in Germany

Aluminium roller shutter systems: Multitalented products that enhance the comfort of your home

Lower energy consumption, greater convenience, more design options and reduced installation costs: Our bespoke aluminium roller shutters are the right solution for both modernisation and new construction projects.

How do aluminium roller shutters add to the value of a home?

Your feeling of comfort and well-being in your home is influenced by factors such as warmth and security, but also by the right lighting conditions. You can get the best in all of these areas with roller shutters tailored to your home. They can help you avoid unnecessary energy loss and immediately reduce your heating costs. Roller shutters can do a lot more than just withstand the elements. They are an ideal temperature controller in both summer and winter. They keep out strong UV radiation from the sun, but also protect against cold weather. With roller shutters, you also benefit from an ideal indoor climate, because they give you flexible control for all windows and doors.

But energy is not the only factor; privacy is another precious asset in your home. The slats provide outstanding privacy protection without overly darkening your rooms. On top of these advantages, rollers shutters also dampen unwanted outdoor noise and effectively shut out insects. With all these features, roller shutters from Alulux substantially increase comfort and convenience in your home.
What is more, compared to alternatives made of plastic, our aluminium products offer considerably higher burglary protection, and they are the clear winner when it comes to retaining colour. Roller shutters are not only easy to care for, but also extraordinarily durable, meaning they protect your windows and balcony doors much more effectively against wind storms, hail and heavy rain.

What roller shutter solutions are available?

We manufacture the ideal roller shutters based on the characteristics of your home. In the case of a new home, you can go for the Alulux top-mounted system. It offers features you can choose from to suit your personal needs, such as reinforced burglary protection for windows on the ground floor. For an existing building, you can have front-mounted roller shutters installed without any difficulty. Mounted on the outside of an external wall, one advantage they offer is that they do not have a shutter box, which can otherwise cause heat loss. Because there are virtually no limits to the range of design options available for either of these products, you can adapt the models you like best to the look and style of your home.

Alulux Venetian blinds: Variable lighting, privacy and sun protection

Our adjustable Venetian blinds also offer you privacy and sun protection. Made of thin aluminium slats, they allow you to softly illuminate your living and work spaces. In just seconds, you can create the atmosphere you want depending on the season and prevailing weather conditions.

What is special about Venetian blinds?

Alulux Venetian blinds offer a lot more than just great flexibility. Visually, these lightweights make a statement, giving your façade a contemporary look. They block unwanted views of the inside to protect your privacy at all times. They can be operated with a motorised drive or via wireless control.

How are Venetian blinds installed?

The slats are mounted inside cover boxes that are also made of aluminium and available in standard sizes. The slats move smoothly up and down in rails. The Venetian blinds can be installed on Alulux front- or top-mounted systems, making them suitable for modernising an existing home or for direct installation in a new build.

Alulux fabric screens: Sun protection that unites design with functionality

Our aluminium garage doors are the perfect solution, especially if you do not have a lot of space in front of your garage. Rather than swinging out, they travel back and forth smoothly on rails. You gain added space and protect both your car and your loved-ones from accidents, because the systems naturally also offer safety guaranteed.

What types of garage doors are available?

These Alulux space-savers come in a variety of models: as an overhead door, a side sliding door or a boxed roller door. With the latter model, the door does not travel along the ceiling or side wall, but rather disappears in a type of roller shutter box. Innumerable options are available to you in terms of colour and structural design, allowing you to put together a solution that complements the overall appearance of your home.

What makes our garage doors so safe?

Built-in obstacle detectors and anti-drop/brake devices are standard on Alulux products. High-sensitivity sensors stop a door from closing as soon as they detect an obstacle – an important added safety feature particularly for families with children. We also emphasise convenience: Our garage doors can be operated at the push of a button or wirelessly from inside an approaching car.