Roller shutters for your renovation project – Renext

In the case of a home renovation, you want to make optimal use of the existing building structure and still achieve excellent results. Special renovation roller shutters that are inserted into the existing lintel or wall boxes when replacing the windows are ideal for precisely this purpose. With this method, the window and roller shutter renovation is essentially performed in a single step.

The internals of the existing roller shutter boxes are modernised so that the box itself can continue to be used. The Neopor insulating material used helps to reduce heat loss to the outside, which greatly increases the building’s overall energy efficiency. This, in turn, will have a positive effect in future on your heating bill and the environmental balance of your home.

But you also save money in other ways: For one, there is no need for costly modifications to the masonry, and installing the roller shutters simultaneously with the windows is significantly cheaper. As there is no need to knock out any of the masonry, installation is a very clean process and can be completed in a short time.

Furthermore, the insulation shell is flame-retardant and complies with fire protection class E. Your renovation roller shutters are adapted to the dimensions of the respective window and designed according to your wishes. They can either serve as visual accents on your façade or to blend in for a very harmonious overall appearance.

How does the intelligent renovation system work?

It uses what is already there and creates added value by upgrading the existing roller shutter boxes with new technology and adding an additional layer of insulation. With this system, your building will be equipped for decades to come with reliable sun and privacy protection that can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs.

What are the advantages of renovation roller shutters?

Both the façade and the interior plaster of your home remain largely untouched, as the roller shutter shell is simply inserted into the existing box opening. This means significantly less dirt and less work. To not adversely affect the good energy-saving performance of new windows, the insulating shell made of innovative Neopor cleverly compensates for any thermal bridges.

Graphite particles enclosed in the insulation absorb the heat radiation and reflect it with insulation values up to 20 per cent higher.Neopor is also resistant to ageing and rotting in addition to being extremely stable, meaning it easily wins out over such materials as polyurethane, Styrodur or Styrofoam. A foam inspection panel rounds out the system perfectly.

What components make up the Renext system?

The roller shutter insulation shell is made of first-class materials. Its box cover and the front cover create an internal cushion of air that further enhances the insulation effect from the inner to the outer wall. Thanks to the concealed roller shutter stop, no obtrusive plugs are visible. Integrated end bar slides serve as travel limiters for the upward motion of the shutters.

In the Renext system, the tight-winding mini-roller shutter profiles provide for a small diameter despite large element heights. The roller shutter profile is available with either a 35 mm or 37 mm top surface, while the higher-end version features a foamed aluminium roller shutter profile available in 23 colours.

The box is available in two sizes: 195 mm or 225 mm. Its lateral pins are pushed onto the guide rails, securing the box in no time at all. Thanks to the Silent-Fin brush insert in the guide rails, raising and lowering is extremely quiet, even in the event of strong winds.

How are the renovation roller shutters controlled?

You have the choice between an external standard belt mechanism, swivelling mini belt winder, a crank or a modern wireless motor that can also be controlled via smart home app. An insect screen made of fine gauze further enhances your living comfort, if desired.