Sustainability – Made in Germany

Responsible action for a sustainable future

At Alulux, we are committed to acting sustainably and responsibly, not only to protect the environment but also to create long-term corporate value.
Our focus is on reducing water and energy consumption, minimising waste and increasing material efficiency.

Through precise carbon assessments in accordance with the GHG Protocol (GreenHouseGas), we have developed targeted action plans to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. These measures improve energy and industrial efficiency and ensure the long-term sustainability of our organisation.

Our contribution to sustainable buildings in Germany

The building sector in Germany is responsible for around 40% of national greenhouse gas emissions, mainly due to the high energy requirements for heating, cooling, lighting and the operation of appliances. At Alulux, we pride ourselves on developing innovative products such as roller shutters, external venetian blinds and textile screens that contribute significantly to the sustainability of buildings. Our solutions help to effectively regulate indoor temperatures during increasingly frequent hot spells and improve thermal insulation during cold spells. In addition, our automated solar shading systems with smart home control offer significant savings on heating costs and reduce the need for energy-intensive cooling systems. These systems are energy efficient and have a lifespan of up to 20 years, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious builders and renovators.

ESG guidelines and the StellaGroup's commitment to sustainability

The StellaGroup, to which Alulux also belongs, has been implementing a comprehensive ESG guideline since 2020. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. These guidelines address important topics such as climate change, resource consumption, employee rights and community engagement as well as ethical corporate governance.

The introduction of these ESG guidelines has not only improved our business operations, but also creates lasting value for our employees, customers and suppliers. You can view the latest StellaGroup sustainability report via this link:

The StellaGroup is also an industrial sponsor of the ES-SO organisation (European Solar Shading Organisation). The aim of ES-SO is to promote the positive effects of solar shading on indoor climate management and thus support the EU’s ambitious energy efficiency targets. With the Group’s sun shading products, StellaGroup is committed to a better planet.

You can find more information on ES-SO here:

Sustainable production and energy management at Alulux

Commitment to environmental friendliness and energy efficiency


We develop, design and manufacture all our products at our 33,000 m² production site in Verl, Germany. Our teams carefully monitor every aspect of production. This includes energy consumption, the selection of materials and the optimisation of our production processes to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

As part of our commitment to climate protection, our energy management systems are certified in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 50001:2018. This standard defines how companies can systematically record, analyse and improve their energy consumption in order to increase their energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. The aim is to establish a continuous improvement process to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Investments in environmentally friendly technologies

In 2023, we invested significantly in improving the energy efficiency of our heating systems. These measures are part of our long-term strategy to minimise our CO2 emissions and reduce energy consumption.

Sustainable choice of materials: Recycled aluminium

At Alulux, we use almost 100% recycled aluminium in our products. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and retains its essential properties. The use of recycled aluminium reduces energy requirements by up to 95% compared to the production of primary aluminium. This practice not only conserves resources, but also significantly reduces our environmental impact. Our purchasing teams in Europe ensure that the aluminium used meets the highest standards for sustainability.

Alulux commitment: Sustainable partnerships and responsible procurement

Long-term partnerships in Europe

Over the years, Alulux has built up stable, long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers. More than 90 % of our purchasing volume is handled with suppliers based in Europe. This not only strengthens the regional economy, but also enables closer monitoring and coordination of our supply chains.

Responsible sourcing and compliance

The Alulux purchasing team regularly monitors the organisation of the supply chain to ensure that all parties involved comply with fundamental principles relating to human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption. This commitment demonstrates our endeavour to act sustainably and ethically.

Active industry participation and EPD certification

As a member of the Industrieverband Technische Textilien, Rollladen, Sonnenschutz e. V. (ITRS), Alulux is actively involved in the industry and endeavours to comply with common goals and standards. In co-operation with the ITRS, we have had our products EPD-certified. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides transparent information about the environmental impact of our products, which helps our customers to make informed decisions. The results of our product tests are presented in the corresponding certificates, which can be accessed via this link:

Careers and diversity at Alulux

Equal opportunities and equality

Alulux, a committed employer with over 300 employees, attaches great importance to equal opportunities and diversity. We are proud to have an above-average proportion of women in all areas of our company: 14% of our workforce are women, both in administration and in production. At management level, 40% of first-level positions and 15% of second-level positions are held by women. Compared to the national average with a gender pay gap of 18 % in Germany, Alulux is characterised by an almost balanced pay structure with a difference of only 1.1 %.

Employee benefits and work-life balance

Alulux offers its employees a range of benefits that contribute to their professional and personal development. Our extensive training programmes enable each individual to continuously improve their skills. Flexible working hours support a healthy work-life balance and allow our team members to customise their working hours.

Sustainable mobility solutions and financial security

We promote sustainable mobility through offers such as bicycle leasing and support the financial security of our employees with subsidies for private pension schemes. We also offer attractive benefits in kind via the Belonio app, ranging from vouchers to discounted offers for products and services.

Social events and generous holiday arrangements

We show our appreciation for our employees not only with gifts in kind and cash on the occasion of professional anniversaries, but also with regular employee events that promote team spirit and strengthen the feeling of togetherness. In addition, our employees enjoy generous holiday arrangements with 30 days’ annual leave.

This wide range of benefits demonstrates Alulux’s strong commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of its employees and makes us an employer of choice in the industry.

Learn more about sustainability at Alulux

You can find out more about sustainability at Alulux here: Alulux brochure: Our sustainable actions